Usually when we talk about drugs, alcohol and smoking cigarettes people associate nights out and weekends. The sad truth is that there are many people that consume all of these three things on a daily basis and it's ruining their lives. Even though somebody might find temporary solace in these things, it's just a band-aid on an open wound that won't fix anything. The problem is that these things were made for various reasons but at the bottom line consuming them in uncontrolled amounts usually leads to more problems and a worse situation in life than people were in before they started using them.

About us

As the national drug-free workplace agency we focus our efforts on preventing the consummation of alcohol, narcotics, and other problematic substances during working hours and in the workplace. We have a drug preventing policy that is dedicated to rooting out these problems at the workplace and simultaneously helping the organization make it a safe space for the rest of the workers. We have made a program that supports people who have a drug dependency when they want to get rid of their bad habit and we also provide comprehensive advice and guidance wherever it is needed. Drug use in the workplace damages both the company and the state and is a big problem in almost all levels of the working environment as it costs billions in productivity, dangerous accidents and many other problems that drinking and consuming drugs during the work time causes.


1. How will the drug-free workplace program help my business?

During our initial tests and interventions, we have helped all businesses increase their productivity and lower the work-place-incidents ration. Furthermore, employees that do get help tend to be more loyal and invest more in the company than the average worker. Additionally, the morale of the workforce is increased.

2.  Why is it important to prevent my employees to use substances like drugs and alcohol?

Believe it or not, these "small" problems cost both your company and the state millions of dollars per year. The fact of the matter is people tend to make more mistakes and make them more often once their heads are messed with the drugs and alcohol.

3. Should this be implemented to test all new hires?

Of course! Everyone should go through the same tests as a disciplinary mentality needs to be maintained if you desire a higher productivity ratio and loyalty from your working force.


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