Drug use during working hours and what kind of tests are performed

When it comes to drug use during working hours there are many different policies put in place by the state, the employer and the law federal law. While there is no clear rule that is being enforced in all working environments there is clearly a wish to keep a drug free environment at work for both private business owners and the government businesses.

While many policies are tailored to fit the specific needs of the company there are several guidelines where most of the companies base their policies on. Sometimes that can be the specific prohibition or allowance of certain drugs, or it can be the way they enforce their rules and the consequences. For that reason, we will be giving you an example of how a drug-related policy can be enforced at a workplace so you can know what to expect during your hiring process.

The requirement to report any drug use to the HR department

While certain drugs may not be illegal the use of them during the working hours may hinder or damage the company production and brand. For this reason, many companies enforce rules where if you have any drug abuse issues that you report it, or if you notice anyone abusing drugs during working hours that you report them to the HR department.

Drug testing at work

There are many ways a company can enforce they’re no drugs policy and one of these is the drug testing policy. While there are many laws that provide protection for the employee if there is a 0-drug use policy by the company many employees will be subjugated to a regular drug testing schedule. Usually, this requires a sample of the employee’s urine or their hair. This can be done once a month or once a year, and these tests are often performed randomly on all employees, but always making sure that the ones that were tested don’t get tested in the next cycle.  However, there is no golden rule about drug testing so it can also be done once a week depending on the job.